Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guest Bloggers

From time to time I will be inviting guest bloggers to post to my sight. They will discuss aspects of writing from their own viewpoints.
The upcoming blog post is one of those guests.
Tom Allston is a member of my critique group and a multi-published writer. In his career, he has been published in short stories and is a retired journalist. His other professional credits include, musician, teacher of music and English, oil-field roughneck, advertising writer, and photographer. I'm sure there are other professional credits I am missing. In his lifetime he has gained knowledge and experience in the martial arts, motorcycles, religion and many other areas of interest. He is currently writing a post-apocalyptic novel and has also written numerous sword and sorcery novels and short stories and the list goes on.
In our group, we consider him to be our expert in grammar and style. He is the most efficient and effective among us as an editor. (Although there are several other group members who can at least equal his talent.)
He will probably be the most frequent contributor to my blogs simply because he happens to be the most prolific writer in the group. He often brings two or more pieces at a time for us to critique.
I hope you enjoy his contributions.

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