Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Cheeriest Part of the Day

I walk in the door after a day of sitting at my desk. It's the end of the month so there was a steady stream of people coming in to make their house payments, and we bantered back and forth in a friendly way while I counted their money and wrote them receipts. When I get home in the evening I go to the gym for a hasty round with the weight machines, then come home and throw something together for dinner.

Now for the absolute best part of the day. I have looked forward to this all day, since getting out of bed at 6:00 in the morning to soak in hot water while I read my current book. I think about this particular hour all day from the time I quickly brush my teeth, put on make up and grab my jewelry. I kiss my husband and run out the door in a race with the traffic and morning clock. Walking in the back door and pouring a cup of coffee I take my seat and go through my routine watching the clock. I know this hour will come and I'm ticking off the minutes with great anticipation. Five more minutes, two more minutes - the clock chimes and I'm out the back door on my way home. Almost there, my favorite hour of the day!

I stack the dishes in the sink and walk back to my bedroom where I close the door, carefully controlling my emotions, the excitement of the bliss I am about to have, the release I have worked for all day and feel that I whole-heartedly deserve. I walk to the bathroom and there I see them with their arms out full of welcome and love: my pajamas hanging on the back of the door. I am almost in tears of happiness to see the comfort of pajamas, and the clothes I am wearing dissolve. I slip into the cloud-like fabric and take a deep breath.

Dear pajamas, sweet pajamas, comfortable pajamas. I love you, loose-fitting, who-cares pajamas. Thank you for being there for me every evening! Honestly, nothing in the world any cheerier than pajamas!

--Nandy Ekle

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Suzanne said...

I love this. Talk about a suspenseful build up!