Saturday, March 6, 2010

Introducing My New Partner Nandy Ekle

Nandy Ekle has just published her first post on this blog.  I intend to change some of the other aspects of this blog to accommodate a partner.  She is also a writer and a grandmother, like me.  This is not her actual name.  I won't reveal her real name until she is ready to do so herself.  She writes short stories and is published online in a several ezines.  Nandy writes suspense and horror mostly, but I am sure she is capable of writing much, much more than this.
Nandy is also ten years younger than me, but I find her to be far wiser.  On top of that she's much prettier than me.  What was I thinking?
Nandy and I will be getting together to figure out new directions for this blog and take it into, I hope, uncharted territories.  At least, they will be uncharted for the two of us.  Niether one of us have much experience in the webispere.  And we intend to enjoy ourselves in this new adventure.

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nandyekle said...

Thanks, Suzanne. My eyes and brain are busily thinking about what to write next - a little of challenge since I have just sent several things off to contests. But, as I always say, the world of words has no walls.