Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spam vs. Spamming

I would rather eat a can of spam, (Blechhh!) than deal with internet and email spamming! It drives me crazy! I have Windows Live for my email. That way, I can look at all three of the email addresses that I work with.

It's really practical to have that many. One is for my private use, for buying things on the internet. One is for friends and fellow writers and family to contact me. And the last one is for the writing contest I'm currently chairing.

I really can't believe it but the one that gets the most spam is the one I use for friends, family and fellow writers. The other two don't get as much.  I'm sure some techno geek could explain why that is.

The way that Windows Live works, is to put the spam in one pile marked "unread emails" and then the another pile for "unread emails from contacts". The second list is just a duplicate of what comes through to my reading list. The first list is EVERYTHING, contacts and junk. I have to go through that and either delete the ones from my contact list, or "block and delete" which puts it in a special list that is supposed to keep it out of my emails all together. I get so much that it takes at least half an hour every day to deal with it.

Of course, I could tighten my email security. But then, emails from people I haven't heard from in a long time and emails from friends who have new addresses might get dumped before they get through. It's a nightmare any way you look at it.

Others I've complained to about this just say, "It's the price of technology and progress." And I would have to say that they're right. So, my gripes about this are useless. But, if spamming, phishing, and junk mail are with us for life in the electronic world; besides the bad spelling involved in some of these practices, and despite the fact that no one writes letters to send through snail mail anymore, why is my physical mailbox so full of stuff I didn't order, stuff that's not bills and stuff that's totally as ineffective and the spam at getting me to buy their junk?

Progress my rear.  It's just one more way of annoying people.

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